Job Title: Senior Project Manager (Events)
Department/Location: Live Events - Waterlooville
Reports to: Account Manager (Events)


A Senior Project Manager will have demonstrated and mastered the skills, responsibilities and competencies as is required at Project Manager level. The Senior Project Manager will be working to develop their skills further towards advancing to become an Account Director and will accordingly take on additional roles and responsibilities and develop further competencies from that of a Project Manager as detailed below.

Job Specification

Senior Project Manager (Events) will work with the Events team in creating, selling and effectively delivering a range of live events Worldwide for the agency’s clients. The role will include on-site work, which may take place over weekends; public holidays and outside of regular office hours. Furthermore, the Senior Project Manager will be expected to represent the Agency at Industry Functions and Exhibitions and there may be occasions where extended hours are required within the office to support the team in delivering their commitments and achieving their objectives.

Primary Responsibilities

Business Development
You will provide leadership in the production of new business tenders and proposals, leading the creative application and delivery and taking a lead role in pitches (as appropriate). You will be taking an active role in introducing the wider range of the agency’s services to clients as well as seeking new contacts within the client organisation for the agency to work with. You will work actively with the Business Development team in developing these leads.

Project Management
You will be responsible for the successful planning, organisation and delivery of a simultaneous range of events, delegating tasks accordingly within the team and working alongside internal teams such as production, creative, strategy, registration and venue find to achieve excellent results. You will interrogate the detail of the projects, ensuring a quality output as well ass maximisation of profit and adherence to the agency standards and brand values. You will support the project managers and executive to ensure that any roadblocks are managed and will feedback to the Account Director regarding any additional staffing requirements. 

As well as preparing and managing budgets for projects you are responsible for, you will be expected to interrogate budgets that your project managers have prepared, including interrogating supplier terms and conditions to ensure that profit margins are maximised. You will be responsible for ensuring that all billing schedules are up to date monitoring client and supplier payments.

Client Management
You will be expected to take the lead in client meetings in relation to project specific detail and will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the client organisation, industry and challenges.

You will have a role in coaching and mentoring more junior members of the wider account team helping them to develop and ensuring adherence to all legalities and company policies as well as leading the team working on your specific projects to ensure excellence in delivery.

Key Competencies

Personal Effectiveness
1.     Planning, organising and flexibility

a.     Develops practical and realistic plans that ensure efficient use of resources

b.     Plans how to deal with peaks and troughs in workload

c.     Draws up contingencies and adapts plans as necessary

2.     Confidence and self-control

a.     Likes challenging projects

b.     Is confident in own ability to deliver and in transferring confidence to new situations

c.     Can deliver the bad news as well as the good news effectively

d.     Presents self as a reputable source of knowledge

e.     Accepts criticism without being defensive

3.     Problem solving and initiative

a.     Imports good ideas from similar situations both in the agency and externally

b.     Speeds up and improves existing processes by using a different approach

c.     Applies learned models and theories to current business situations

d.     Acts in areas where he/she has no direct responsibility

4.     Critical Information Seeking

a.     Follows up incomplete or inadequate answers to pin down facts

b.     Asks a series of probing questions to get to the root of a situation or problem; doesn’t stop with the first answer but uncovers underlying causes

c.     Doesn’t wait to be told, finds out what they need to know

d.     Gets important information that others wouldn’t get

e.     Is well known as an active listener

Working Together
1.     Communication skills

a.     Communicates persuasively

b.     Openly shares information

c.     Shows a genuine interest in other people’s views

2.     Embracing change

a.     Helps others to understand the reasons for change

b.     Communicates change in a clear and helpful way

c.     Provides input on a regular basis to keep people informed and up to date

3.     Collaborating with others

a.     Asks others for their ideas and opinions and works together to form decisions and plans

b.     Openly praises other team members of the team when they have done something well and gives credit for good team work

c.     Identifies and works to the strengths of team members

d.     Identifies what motivates different individuals and uses this knowledge to improve performance

e.     Empowers other members of the team, making them feel strong and important

4.     Influencing and relationship building

a.     Listens actively to the content of what people are saying and responds appropriately

b.     Uses analogies & metaphors to help explain and clarify

c.     Carefully presents data for presentations

d.     Establishes credibility and works cooperatively with others to move things on

e.     Develops a network of contacts and builds trust

f.      Sells ideas to others

g.     Anticipates likely objections and information needs

Achieving and Delivery
1.     Drive for results

a.     Looks beyond past results to set challenging but realistic goals for performance improvement for self and the team

b.     Makes best use of diverse talents, technology and resources to deliver results; ensuring best value for money

c.     Delegates activity to the appropriate level to get work done and does not act as a bottle neck

d.     Is decisive at the right time

e.     Demonstrates quantifiable improvements against base line performance by doing something better, faster, at lowers costs or more efficiently

f.      Considers ROI / cost benefit analysis before fully committing to an action

2.     Serving the customer

a.     Builds dialogue with the customer to understand real needs – listens, understands, interprets & reflect back

b.     Takes customers problems away from them and owns responsibility for solving them

c.     Looks for ways to make systems/procedures more customer friendly and challenges the agency to provide them

3.     Quality focus

a.     Sets up appropriate project quality review processes

4.     Integrity

a.     Takes pride in being trustworthy & in concern for others

b.     Builds trust through modelling desired behaviours

c.     Does not compromise on matters of ethics

d.     Takes accountability for the team and does not pass the buck

e.     Speaks out and acts in an ethical way, even when its hard to do so

Innovation and Creativity
1.     Thinking and Innovation

a.     Uses resources creatively and thinks laterally to identify new solutions

b.     Has flexible approach to problem solving

c.     Demonstrates resourcefulness in identifying and exploiting trends and developments

2.     Conceptual and Strategic Thinking

a.     Identifies the key factors in a complex problem

b.     Identifies short term strategies to overcome problems or take advantage of opportunities

Managing, Leading and Developing others
1.     Managing and Leading the Team

a.     Prioritises team effectiveness when matching individuals to projects and tasks and gets involved in the work of the team when required

b.     Talks to the team about standards and goals

c.     Invites input from the team members into decisions that affect them

d.     Address performance issues promptly and act to get performance back on track

e.     Supplement ‘how to’ demonstrations or instructions with helpful explanations to build greater contextual understanding

f.      Help others to understand their own development needs


However, it isn’t just what we do that makes us AMAZING and sets us apart from our competition – it’s how we do it and this is why our values are so important to us.

 You will recognise an in2events employee because: we anticipate problems and become the solution (leadership); we leverage collective genius (collaboration); we engender trust through authenticity (be real); we personally ‘own it’ (accountability) and through all this we deliver AMAZING (quality).

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