Job Title: Project Manager (Events)
Department/Location: Live Events - Waterlooville
Reports to: Account Manager (Events)


A Project Manager will have demonstrated and mastered the responsibilities, skills and competencies as is required at Senior Project Executive and Project Executive level. The Project Manager will be working to develop their skills further towards advancing to become a Senior Project Manager and will accordingly take on additional roles and responsibilities and develop further competencies from that of a Senior Project Executive as detailed below.

Job Specification

Project Manager (Events) will work with the Events team in creating, selling and effectively delivering a range of live events Worldwide for the agency’s clients. The role will include on-site work, which may take place over weekends; public holidays and outside of regular office hours. Furthermore, there may be occasions where extended hours are required within the office to support the team in delivering their commitments and achieving their objectives.

Primary Responsibilities

Business Development
You will provide greater input in the production of new business tenders and proposals, supporting the Business Development Team with creative input for project solutions; managing the physical production of large proposals and supporting in pitches as required. You will be looking for opportunities within your own client base to upsell existing projects as well as for other potential opportunities within your client’s business that In2Events may be able to support with. You will be aware, through reading industry press, attending industry events and exhibitions and taking a general interest in MICE, what activities other clients and agencies are undertaking, cascading relevant innovations to the wider team and opportunities to the Business Development team.

Project Management
You will manage your own projects (small, medium and large as directed by the Account Director) from start to finish (proposal production, through delivery, through reconciliation and debrief), effectively managing co-workers and suppliers input into the project. You will be responsible for ensuring excellence in customer service and delivery; 100% adherence to industry legislation and company policies; achieving (and overachieving where possible) on KPI’s and company targets in relation to quality and profitability. You will liaise directly with your day to day client contact (with support from your Account Director); leading relevant planning sections at meetings as appropriate; conducting site visits and leading the project on-site.

You will demonstrate commercial awareness; understanding the value of time and ensuring both that time is recovered and that processes are effective to delivery quality projects whilst minimising waste. You will recognise the importance of cash flow and ensure that client billings and supplier payments are planned and orchestrated appropriately and in line with company policy. You will seek ways to maximise cost savings for clients and profitability for the agency through effective and skilful negotiation, which will be improved through enhanced supplier relationships and a professional management approach.

You will have a role in coaching and mentoring more junior members of the wider account team helping them to develop and ensuring adherence to all legalities and company policies as well as leading the team working on your specific projects to ensure excellence in delivery.

Key Competencies

Personal Effectiveness
1.     Planning, organising and flexibility

a.     Assists clients and project members in establishing priorities

b.     Co-ordinates and organises others

c.     Involves others in planning activities

d.     Monitors work activity against plan and takes remedial action when necessary to deliver what is required on time

2.     Confidence and self-control

a.     Maintains a business-like approach when unduly pressurised, frustrated, annoyed, disturbed or disrupted by others

b.     Trusts own judgement

c.     Recognises and uses the skills and experience of others without feeling threatened

d.     Works effectively under tight deadlines

3.     Problem solving and initiative

a.     Modifies existing ideas to something that can be used to benefit the business and personally

b.     Predicts customer need

c.     Supports the integration of new technology and processes to improved performance

d.     Suggests appropriate options when obstacles appear

4.     Critical Information Seeking

a.     Asks a variety of people to gather different perspectives and ideas

b.     Takes time to personally find out more e.g. reads relevant publications; attends events; networks; keeps abreast of new technologies and innovations

c.     Asks a range of open questions to solve and understand an issue or problem

Working Together
1.     Communication skills

a.     Is always approachable and receptive

b.     Adapts communication style to suit a variety of audiences

c.     Understands who will be affected by an issue/change in approach and ensures all stakeholders are kept informed/communicated to appropriately

d.     Relays management and industry policies and legislation with conviction, support and authority

2.     Embracing change

a.     Accepts change which challenges established ways of working without becoming defensive

b.     Finds ways to maintain personal energy and stability in periods of rapid change

c.     Steps ‘up a gear’ to cope with change

3.     Collaborating with others

a.     Accepts responsibility for team objectives

b.     Has a positive view of the team and wants/expects the team to deliver its objectives

c.     Accepts that others have a valid point of view and shows respect for others’ intelligence

Achieving and Delivery
1.     Drive for results

a.     Looks for ways to change work methods to improve performance: asks ‘how can this be done better?’

b.     Takes personal responsibility for seeing something through to the end

c.     Proactively learns new skills and develops self for current role and/or future performance

d.     Systematically monitors and reviews progress against performance

2.     Serving the customer

a.     Treats the customer with intelligence and explains the rationale for action. Explains why things can’t be done in a certain way

b.     Attempts to solve problems before they become critical

c.     Deals with conflict situation positively

d.     Regularly checks out whether customers are satisfied, and their expectations are being met

e.     Focuses effort on meeting customer expectations even if these are demanding

3.     Quality focus

a.     Acts as a role model to others

b.     Ensures quality standards are consistent from the outset of every task/project

c.     Encourages others to check their work against standard operating practice

4.     Integrity

a.     Is approachable and patient

b.     Is aware of the feelings of others

c.     Shows empathy and puts self in others’ shoes

Innovation and Creativity
1.     Thinking and Innovation

a.     Looks at information and sees patterns, trends and missing pieces

b.     Is prepared to have a go at trying new ways of doing things or others’ ideas

c.     Questions currently accepted ways of doing things

d.     Thinks in terms of options when identifying solutions

e.     Speeds up and improves existing processes by using a different approach

2.     Conceptual and Strategic Thinking

a.     Recognises and acts upon present opportunities

b.     Keeps up to date with industry and organisational developments

c.     Understands how own tasks relate to wider framework

Managing, Leading and Developing others
1.     Managing and Leading the Team

a.     Provides clear directions to individuals about performance expectations and checks to ensure understanding

b.     Answers questions openly and honestly

c.     Has confidence in self and is not threatened by others development

d.     Trusts and believes in people’s ability


However, it isn’t just what we do that makes us AMAZING and sets us apart from our competition – it’s how we do it and this is why our values are so important to us.

 You will recognise an in2events employee because: we anticipate problems and become the solution (leadership); we leverage collective genius (collaboration); we engender trust through authenticity (be real); we personally ‘own it’ (accountability) and through all this we deliver AMAZING (quality).

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