In 2 Events were asked to plan and deliver Autodesk’s Rail Summit for a third year, following two successful European events in Brussels and Amsterdam.

The event this year had grown to a global audience and subsequently we had to look for a larger venue and a new city to accommodate. After shortlisting Paris and Madrid for this event, we decided on Paris, having been impressed by the venue space on offer at the Marriott Champs Elysees as it could accommodate all the different elements for our event.

We were again tasked with creating the online registration website and designing and sending all of the invitations and managing all the responses. We used our production partners to design and build a set here in the UK which we drove outto paris and installed in the venue, to ensure the continuity with other Autodesk events that we have held throughout the year.

Onsite we had delegates attend from 11 countries with more than 180 attendees, topping numbers from last year and demonstrating more than a 90% attendance from who registered.