The most effective way to ensure that your event management leads to genuine results is to create personal experiences for your guests. To achieve this, there are multiple devices and tools that can be combined, each adding exceptional value to how your audience engages with, digests, shares and memorises core activity.


Live streaming and webcasting

Whilst your guests get to experience keynote speakers, product demonstrations and brand reveals first-hand, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the world should miss out. By including webcasting and live streaming via social media, people can be part of the event regardless of where they are at the time.

This type of tech does an amazing job of extending the personal experience to anyone with an internet connection, helping to spread messages far and wide. We guarantee that you’ll also be delighted by how much potential this has for generating additional leads and turning acquaintances into loyal customers.

Integrate polls into your talks and presentations

Live polls and real time results are a brilliant method of making guests at your event feel genuinely involved. The only limit to how you use this tech is your imagination, offering the opportunity to gather insight, ask for opinions, create memorable personal experiences and have fun, all at the click of a button.

Use your AV equipment to full effect

Modern audiences want to feel fully immersed in an event, which is where top quality audio visual equipment plays a key role. Using screens, lighting, live feeds and other platforms, your event will be the talk of the town.

Social media is designed for conversations

With most of us owning a smartphone, why not maximise its potential by inviting guests and online audiences to talk about your event online? The more people that upload photos, images and summaries, the greater your chances of building your digital following, driving web traffic and generating leads.

To encourage this activity, make it clear throughout the venue that posting to social media with predetermined event hashtags is welcome, as some people will otherwise feel that it’s a faux pas to use their phone during an event. You could also design your talks and presentations so that they’re particularly share-worthy through the inclusion of visual elements and large text snippets displayed on the screen, as these are perfect for snapping and sharing.

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