There’s no denying that event planning is a complex business. There’s so much to consider, so many decisions to be made to ensure that the event, no matter it’s purpose or size, is a success and meets the key objectives outlined.

Which venue to select is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make. The choice of venue can impact on so many other elements of your event and therefore is a component you must get right.

It’s a daunting prospect but take a deep breath and remain calm…here are 5 tips for selecting the right venue for your event.

1) The early bird catches the...venue

Starting the search for your event venue early on will put you in good stead and securing a booking in advance can help avoid unnecessary stress and disappointment. Before you start looking for venues it is crucial to have the following detail clearly defined: the event vision and objectives, the budget and the space you will require. Of course, having date preferences and an idea of timings will also be important when researching venue options.

2) It’s all in the numbers

Capacity and Space

It’s true, knowing the numbers associated with your event is vital. Find out if the venue you’re interested in can hold the capacity of delegates you anticipate attending; the last thing you want is a fantastic location that isn’t fit for purpose and detracts from the attendees’ experience.


Investigate what is in included in the price you are paying in relation to the venue and ascertain if there are any spend minimums in place that need to be considered.

Making assumptions of what you will and won’t get as part of the package isn’t wise; getting to the core of what the fee covers is essential and will give you a clear indication as to what else needs to be thought about in the overall planning of the event against budget:

o Food, drink and catering facilities

o Accommodation

o Additional room hire

o Seating and other furniture

o On-site event team

o AV equipment

o Wi-fi

Multiple Venues

In a digital age it’s easy and quick to scroll through pictures on a venue’s website gallery and get the detail you require from a phone or email conversation and think, ‘yes this is the one, let’s get it booked and the contract signed’. But slow down there…nothing beats seeing the real thing. Set some time aside to go out and see your top venue choices. Getting a feel for each venue and the on-site team personally, will put you in a stronger position to make a venue selection that is informed by first-hand experience and will help prevent any nasty shocks later-on down the line.

*Top Tip: Try and visit venue options on the same day, this will give you means for solid comparison and is an efficient use of your precious event planning time.

3) Location, location, location

Congratulations you’ve done it, you’ve found a fantastic venue that put’s a tick against each requirement on the event venue wish list. The only problem is that attendees can’t get to it without taking a flight in a helicopter and then a 10-mile trek by foot. Okay, okay this is a far-fetched hypothetical example, but the point being made is that a great venue is only as great as the location that it’s in. When looking for the perfect venue for your event consider:

o How well is the venue geographically placed in relation to where delegates will be travelling from?

o Is there good and accessible transport links to the venue?

o Does the venue offer parking on-site or is there park and ride options nearby?

o Can accommodation be secured in the venue or within the surrounding area?

Taking account of these details will help guide your venue selection. The journey to an event venue should always be as stress-free as possible for those attending.

4) Looking and Sounding Great

Audio Visual is a big consideration and can play a big part in the way your event looks and sounds. Don’t forget to ask venues about whether there is an in-house AV service included. If there isn’t you may need to source an AV partner for your event. If an external AV team is required, make sure there is ample room for their equipment and set-up space for their front of house area. Many AV production companies will do a site-visit with you to assess the venue from an AV perspective, so get them involved in the process at an early stage.

5) Research is the key

In relation to time constraints this may not be something you want to hear, but research is the best way to build up venue profiles and make strategic decisions on which venue is suitable for your event. Ask the important questions in relation to your event, pin down costs, find out what’s included, visit in person, look at the logistics and read reviews. Being in the ‘know’ will give you peace of mind that the venue you choose will be the right one and provide a great foundation for an exceptional attendee experience.

Finding the right venue isn’t a quick or easy process, especially if you are committed to getting the selection right. If you know from the outset that you don’t have the time to invest in finding a great venue, then don’t compromise - there is help on hand in the shape of venue finding services. A venue finding service can take your event brief and use their expertise, experience and connections in the industry to quickly find venues that suit your specifications in-line with budget allocation. Not only can this service save you valuable time but also money: venue finders can often negotiate more competitive rates on your behalf than you would get by booking directly.

As venue finding specialists, In2Events gets the importance of finding amazing event venues that can play host to incredible experiences. We scout out and work with venues of all styles and sizes throughout the UK and globally. Talk us through your event brief and trust us with the venue search for your next event. Call today on: 02392 320 581 or email: