If you are toying with the idea of working with a corporate event planner, then read on you’ve come to the right place. Here are 6 reasons you need to find an event planning agency to work with.


1. Saving precious time and money

From the moment you award your chosen event management agency the event, they can take care of everything and can ensure that all the little details, that you may forget, are thought of. This will also include them calling upon previously used services of: venues, AV companies, hotels and other suppliers that will be integral to your event. What this means for you? Less stress: you will save time on finding these contacts and having the lengthy conversations yourself; allowing you to get on with your business as usual.  Having strong relationships with these contacts will give your event partner bargaining power with suppliers to negotiate the best prices on your behalf- saving you money.


2. Budget management expertise

From the get-go your event management company will handle the planning process; working towards creating and delivering your event, using your budget to underpin all the decisions made along the way. An experienced event planner will be able to account for all the costs, including those sneaky hidden ones, associated with pulling an event together. They will provide these details for you in a digestible format, so you can relax with the peace of mind that your event will meet key objectives, in-line with the allocated budget.


3. Insightful creativity, plus tried and tested event formulas

An event planner bringing industry knowledge to the table is invaluable to your business event. Knowing the latest event trends + their own event experience + fully understanding your event business requirements and overall objectives = getting creative with your brand messages and knowing what will work best to engage and create the wow factor for your attendees (all with your budget in mind).


4. Using the power of technology

Attendee experience should be at the heart at every event, and evolving technology is becoming a big part of the corporate event landscape helping to enhance this.

Technology can create an immersive environment for your audience and this is where engaging with an AV supplier is a must. An event planner will have trusted AV contacts that they can bring in on your event; they will work as your intermediary to help create a production that is in-line with your brief, yet mindful of your budget.

An event agency can also talk you through the latest tools and software available to guarantee that your guests have the best interactions with your brand at every touch point e.g.

  • Electronic invite sends
  • Online registration
  • Building dedicated websites, social media profiles and tailored event apps-great for building pre-event momentum
  • Event apps with social integration- propelling on the day delegate engagement
  • Collecting post-event feedback

Your event planner can advise you on the best available systems that will give your event an effortlessly professional feel.


5. Event execution

Picture this: the day of your event has arrived and instead of running around frantically as your delegates arrive, you are calmly networking with your guests and talking about business that really matters. How is this possible? Well, it’ simple: the event management agency will have complete control of the day; utilising their skills and knowledge in this area to ensure every element of the day is covered off. You won’t have to think about the: staging, AV, delegate check-ins, room set ups, catering, guest speakers or any of the other complexities of running a successful event; the event management team will have it all in hand and will execute the event to the very highest of standards.


6. Making it Measure up:

There are many ways in which to measure engagement and it is hugely important that you do, as you’ll want to know if your event was a successful one. Today, you don’t just have to rely on a post-event feedback survey to try and get an understanding of how your event was received. An event planner can work with you from the start to identify key event objectives and determine the most effective ways of measuring engagement with your brand; taking steps throughout the process they can collect valuable data and present back to you in a constructive, meaningful way.


Whether you are planning a conference, product launch or an exhibition, using an event planner can give you the support needed to ensure that event experiences are being shaped that connect your brand with the people that count.

As an award-winning event management agency, In2Events understands how important it is to work as a consultative partnership to plan and deliver your event with maximum impact. Find out how we can help with your event needs by calling us today on: 02392 320 581 or sending a message to: info@in2events.co.uk