Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see into the future and to know exactly what it will take to help you deliver a fantastic event that drives business results in the year ahead? Well, we can’t offer you psychic abilities, but we can share with you the event trends that we think will be influencing and shaping the event industry in 2019 and beyond…

1. Event Technology Evolution

Event tech has been and will continue to evolve and make an impact on the events industry in 2019. From tech utilising RFID systems, through to facial recognition, voice tech, chatbots and augmented and virtual reality, developing technology is creating unique and innovative ways to interact, immerse and engage delegates and is supporting event professionals in gaining valuable data intelligence.

2. Venues That’ll Break the Mould

The quest in 2019 will be for event and meeting venues that offer something different, something unique and something outstanding – out of the ordinary. Whether you are looking for a hotel or a stand-alone venue, finding a space that is functional yet aspirational is on the agenda to pique attendee interest and drive engagement.

We’ve loved our site visits to alternative venues that have been converted from industrial spaces and injected with a new lease of life to create incredible event locations. With so many fantastic options to choose from, 2019 could be the year to be more adventurous with where you hold your next meeting or event.

3. Sustainability

The increased awareness and war on plastic in 2018 has certainly amplified attention onto the topic of event sustainability and it’s a trend that is set to continue into 2019 and influence the way events are planned and held. Businesses and their brands are more aware than ever on the impact their events are having and as a result are considering how they can deliver their business messages powerfully and meet their event objectives successfully, whilst reducing any negative social, economic and environmental bi-products.

4. Event Personalisation

Attendees now expect and are looking for their event journey to be personalised to their individual credentials, interests and preferences. From personalised: invites, email campaigns, ads, content, registrations, event agendas, signage and event apps, there are a multitude of ways for interactions with participants to be tailored moving into 2019. With tools harvesting data, event organisers now have data-driven insights available to customise meaningful experiences for delegates.

5. Digital Reach

The premise of incorporating digital tech into an event isn’t a new concept, but the technology available is evolving and becoming more widely accessible for event planners. In 2019 and beyond, it’s thought that live streaming will become an ever more important component to include in events, in order to deliver and share content to wider reaching audiences than those just in physical attendance.

It will also continue to be a high priority for events to incorporate memorable experiences that are worthy of social sharing. Getting creative, building a strong social media campaign and working alongside relevant industry influencers will be key activities to deploy for your event in 2019.

6. Event Wellness

A lifestyle trend of the last few years that is permeating its way into the event world is wellness. With global travel, meetings and fully packed agendas, event planners are realising the benefits of creating breakout spaces and additional activities structured around the theme of mindfulness and wellbeing. Structuring these elements into events, allows attendees the opportunity to take a moment, breathe and reflect putting them in good stead to optimise their experience within events. In 2019 it is anticipated that the premise of wellness will carry on being weaved into events to help refocus and rejuvenate delegates and enhance their overall event experiences further.

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