Irrespective of business size or purpose, exhibitions can offer businesses and their brand a fantastic platform to showcase and market their product or service. Many companies include exhibitions as part of their marketing strategy in order to generate awareness and interest around their brand and to make valuable one-on-one connections with prospects who are in the market for their solutions.

With time, resource and financial outlay heavily invested into exhibitions, it’s important to make the most of your presence and to generate positive outcomes that will contribute to ongoing business success. If you’re looking for a refresh on how to maximise the impact of your exhibition stand, then here are 5 steps to get you on your way…

1. Plan to Succeed

 Exhibition Goals:

When it comes to event planning, establishing objectives and defining how you will measure predetermined goals is a must and this fact remains just as true when planning for your stand at an exhibition. In many instances exhibiting at an exhibition requires a good level of investment and therefore identifying a ROI against predefined goals is key to understanding if the exhibition was a good business decision and one that should be repeated in the future.

 Attracting Prospects:

In the midst of planning the complexities of your exhibition stand don’t forget to develop an event marketing strategy. Creating an exhibition marketing campaign, targeted at your preferred audience is vital in creating brand awareness, interest in your exhibition offering and, executed correctly, can help build excitement and momentum before, during and after your exhibition ends. From personalised email campaigns and direct mail, through to engaging social content and paid online and offline advertising, ensure your brand and your business presence at the upcoming exhibition is exposed as widely as possible to attract those key prospects to your stand.

2. Design Detail

With a fantastic product or service offering, the last thing you want is to become lost in a sea of hundreds of other exhibition stands that are all there, like you, vying for the attention of prospects and the decision makers attending. Take action and ensure that you carefully consider the design of your exhibition stand: the way your stand is designed and built can represent the ethos and values of your brand, as well as help tell a unique story, that showcases your product or service in a way that can set you apart from the competition. But how do you achieve this?

First things first, find and engage the services of an expert exhibition design agency that understands your exhibition objectives, your brand personality and the message and vision you are looking to convey with a physical stand build. Finding an experienced agency that can collaborate with you to produce and evolve concepts into high quality builds, will provide the backbone to the success of your stand.

Of course, once working with a professional exhibition design agency, they will be able to advise on the best design concepts that will get your stand noticed. However, it’s good to remember these key points and make sure they are incorporated into the design of your stand:

  • Keep your target audience in mind at all times when creating ideas for your stand.

  • Align your brand and marketing message with the graphics, text and colour choices.

  • Keep your messages succinct and intriguing to lure prospects in.

  • Be seen: place signage and branding in optimal positions so that delegates will be able to identify your stand easily.

  • Audio visual: AV production combined into the design of your stand can transform the way your brand looks and sounds and can enhance the experience your visitors have with your brand during their visit.

  • Interactivity: considering how to insert elements of interactivity into your stand can also be a fantastic way to draw prospects in to engage with your product or service. Creating stand out experiences that are unexpected and innovative will help embed your brand into the minds of visitors, which can help inspire the desired reactions from them during or after your exhibition stint has ended.

The stand you design is a representation of your business and it’s important to remember that there is only one chance to make a first impression, so getting the design concept right is a must.

3. Representation

The design of your stand is impressive and is going to be a great way to introduce your business proposition to visiting attendees, so don’t let your stand down with poor representation.

Whether you are looking to use internal staff or resource your stand with an external team, there are a few simple rules that should be adhered to:

a) Thoroughly brief the stand team on the purpose of the stand and the targets that have been outlined for it over the course of the exhibition.

b) Provide education and training on the business and the offering being promoted. Even if your team works for the company and should know all there is to know, it is worth reinforcing key facts and figures.

c) Test their knowledge in advance of the live exhibition. Double check that they can confidently answer questions and demonstrate knowledge on your brand and the products/services you offer.

Ultimately people buy from people, so it is imperative that your stand is armed with the highest quality team, who can embody your brand and sell it to the highest standard.

4. The Main Event

The big day has arrived, and this is where all your hard-preparatory work will culminate and come to fruition.

In order to maximise the impact of your exhibition, start early. Establish with the venue when you and your team can have access to the exhibition space and keep on top of the details to ensure the build is on schedule and is being completed in line with your expectations. Once the build is complete, check that it is functioning as it should and that you have everything required set-up and in place.

With peace of mind that your stand is ready and raring to go, it will be time to turn your attention back to your exhibition stand team. Huddle them around for a final brief and to reinforce the objectives for the stand. It’s also a great time to take the opportunity to create a buzz and excitement within the team about the upcoming event.

Whilst on the stand, the way in which your team behaves is prudent to creating the right perception of your business. Remember to combine a warm and friendly demeanour with a professional edge; keep conversations focused and avoid a hard sell – it is unlikely that decision makers will make important buying decisions on the spot, so take the time you have to establish the foundations of trust and to initiate conversations with potentially lucrative future customers.

5. The Follow Up

Evaluation and follow up after your exhibition, may be one of the most crucial tasks in order to capitalise on your exhibition investment. Shortly after the completion of your exhibition, arrange a full debrief and discuss what went well and what could be replicated in the future. Be mindful not to gloss over the negatives, as they can be valuable sources of learning.

Allocate time to analyse customers comments and feedback on your stand. This may have come from one-on-one interactions or from other channels following your event. Use the information you have to inform your communication strategies and future exhibition activity.

Time is of the essence when it comes to following up leads and this is where a well-thought-out communications strategy will play its part in nurturing leads effectively. Converting a lead may not be a simple process, so it is essential to have a strategy in place that will help you manage leads through to conversion.


Exhibition activity from start to finish is important to execute correctly in order to drive and deliver the best results. Therefore, finding an exhibition design agency that can design, build and deliver is an imperative step to take from the onset of your exhibition planning.

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