In an age where nothing seems impossible and competition is fierce, how do you create a car launch event that will get your new offering noticed for all the right reasons?

Product launches are the accumulation of months and potentially years of research and development, manufacturing production and huge financial expense. Executing an event that drives the future success of the car is therefore essential.

The subtle approach isn’t going to win the race. The market demands ideas that go way beyond any expectations, that captures and ignites the imaginations of audiences and firmly places the automotive brand in the forefront of the minds of existing, lapsed and potential customers.

Jump into the passenger seat and buckle up - here are some inspirational ideas for utilising event technology to rev up your car launch event…

Have you got the map?

Projection mapping isn’t a new technique but it’s a powerful one and utilised in the right way can deliver an enhanced experience with your car brand. Projection mapping removes the space constraints of traditional venues and maximises on visual impact by capitalising on object, ground and wall surfaces to add a transformational element to events that won’t go unnoticed.

Go one step further and create an experience that immerses your audience with interactive projection mapping. This technology can create an awesome opportunity for the participants of your event to interact with the car first-hand. Applying interactive projection mapping can create unique ways of showcasing the new vehicle and its possibilities:

  • Select from different colour options for the model

  • Transform the car and view the upgrade options available

  • View the model in different environmental settings

  • Reveal technical information in digestible and visual ways

Projection mapping is impressive technology that can stop an audience in their tracks and leave them feeling compelled to share their experience with the rest of the world, which when trying to promote and expose your brand and new model to a far-reaching audience is the aim of the game, right?

The Convergence Between the Physical and Digital World

Virtual Reality

The rise in popularity of virtual reality (VR) has allowed it to become a mainstream event technology that can take a participants’ experience to the next level. VR can be used to develop engaging and immersive experiences for the individual user. With the flexibility to deploy bespoke content, car manufacturers can illustrate the new features and benefits of their product in the context of a prefabricated digital world.

There are host of ways in which VR can be used, including giving your participants the opportunity to drive away with the car without physically moving – a rare event experience that will undoubtedly create a long-lasting impression and positive association with your brand – remember that not everyone attending your product launch will want to buy this new car now, but going forward the re-collection of your brand name may boost future sales.

Quite often criticised for isolating attendees, it’s important to think of ways in which a balance can be struck between creating an individual VR experience, whilst incorporating a social edge. Provide the flexibility for participants to interact together and create a buzz around the model, whilst giving them the opportunity to explore the exciting features of the car in their own time.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is also a tech trend that can be used to differentiate your car launch. Harnessing existing AR functionality and exploring ways of pushing the boundaries of the technology further can help to communicate your brand messages and demonstrate the car offering in a way that absorbs and entertains the attendees.

Combining digital elements with the physical world can have a powerful influence in the way in which attendees perceive the car. Whether the AR display is used to inform and educate or create an aspirational view, the application of the technology, used correctly, could also help reduce the associated anxiety associated with high expenditure purchases.

Both technologies offer the opportunity to design experiences that are worth sharing; recording personal experiences and producing them for attendees to share via social channels can expand the reach of your product launch campaign exponentially.


A technology that is integrating its way into the event industry and a futuristic method that could be considered for your car product launch to create an unrivalled effect is that of 3D holograms. Engineering 3D holographics can create a visual experience that when combined with other well-considered AV methods can transport viewers into another dimension.

Breaking away from the conventional methods of presenting a new model of car could help create the wow factor and working with hologram technology can be an inspired way of achieving this; leaving your audience wanting more – even non-car enthusiasts can be captivated by the ingenuity of holograms.

As with all event technology, they are only as effective as the creative narratives used around them to communicate the intended brand messages to the target audience. Evolving your product launch campaign to incorporate the latest digital technology is now becoming a prerequisite rather than a nice to have. Designing and executing a product launch event that enthrals attendees and impels them to engage, interact and share their experiences with the brand and the new model is key to getting your product noticed.

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