This week's Spotlight blog features one of our Senior Project Manager's, Fleur Chalmers. Fleur has worked for In2Events for coming up to 5 years and has worked on many of our large scale global conferences and events.


What’s your key role for In2Events?
Global end to end conference management

Why do you think In2Events stand out from any other event agency?
People that work here and a genuinely collaborative environment  

Which event have you managed which has been the most memorable to date?
Google DeepMind Summer Party, we created a fairground with Alice in Wonderland theming in the gardens of Kensington Palace for 500 people. It was a beautiful sunny summers day and the whole event went brilliantly and looked amazing.

Tell us about the most unique place & destination you’ve managed an event outside the UK? Seoul, South Korea. I was the project lead on the Google DeepMind Challenge Match where we saw DeepMind’s AI technology take on the world champion player of GO (and win!) at the Four Seasons which we took over for nearly a month.

Describe working for In2Events in 5 words:
hard work but worth it 

What’s your outside work hobbies & interests?
Travel, reading and podcasts

If you could describe yourself as a biscuit, what would you choose and why? 
Party ring because it’s not a party without one