Nobody wants to attend events that are as stale as last month’s bread. Instead, people want to have more and more interaction and engagement that will make them feel alive. No matter the size of your company, you can still be able to encourage deeper connection, which will see you improve engagement and interaction in your events. Here is how you can do it. 

1.  Audience buy in

The kind of audience that you choose for your event determines a lot on the level of engagement and interaction. If you are in the technology industry, get an audience that will be excited and happy to take part in the event. That means do not go for people who have little to zero interest in technology for your technology event. 

2.  Community

When creating products, you are creating them for use by the community at large. As such, when organizing and setting up your events, consider the community’s space and need for taking part in the event itself. 

3.  Event and meeting design

A successful event is always a joy to behold. And for it to be successful, you need to have a well thought and laid out meeting. You can achieve this by having an attractive setup and schedules for your meeting. Introduce breaks in between speakers where audience can interact and digest what they have learnt. 

4.  The Right Technology

It is a technology event; therefore, you do not want to use the kind of technology that was rendered obsolete 5 years ago. Use the right and modern technology to ensure that you have your message well delivered amongst all attendees.

5.  The right environment & infrastructure

To increase the probability of making your event a success, make the attendees comfortable by creating the right environment. Your infrastructure for instance the location of your event, the accessibility and power should be consistent and desirable. 

6.  Pre event marketing buzz

Make your event known; create a buzz all over the social sites that are likely to have your prospective clients. Engage them to share the hash tags and inform as many people as possible about the event. 

7.  Involvement from stakeholders

When planning an event ensure that everyone is informed and are at par with what will be happening. It is therefore advisable that you engage everyone starting from stakeholders. 

8.  Skilled facilitator

Most event fallouts can be easily corrected; however, if you use a poor facilitator in your event, then your goose is baked. Therefore, ensure you engage a facilitator who is skilled and knows all that there is to know about your event. They should be able to improve engagement and interaction in your event.