Creating or making a presence for your brand in the marketing platform or social media can be challenging. Most powerful businesses are struggling to capture the market, engaging with the audience or even carrying out events flawlessly. Events and conferences give business owners excellent opportunities to connect with the audience and network with industry influencers. Nowadays social media is used as a key engagement tool to leverage influencers at your event. What do you need to do before hosting your event?

1. Do your research:

The fact that these days you can spot hashtags all over social media shows the importance of tagging your event. If you want your event to be more effective, expand your research on hashtags you need to use. Research all relevant speakers, specific hashtag sessions and industry influencers who will attend. Check other companies twitter handles and websites for hashtags to make your experience much easier.

2. Jump start the conversation:


Using your researched hashtag, share useful information about your event and brand. If there is new advice you’ve learned or the schedule of the event has changed and you would like to let people know, share them with your network. Before you share you need to make your twitter handles and hashtags ready for use.

3. Live tweet

Leverage platforms that are helpful for your brand. Platforms such as Hootsuite are good for real-time listening to influencers and other attendees and speakers. There are also ranking tools that come in handy and can help you see top people who are tweeting and retweeting about the event.

4. Host or attend a Tweetup

Why not consider having some fun while adopting social media in your event marketing process? Add some fun by hosting tweetups as a ubiquitous arena for more networking and to get your brand to stand out. Hosting Tweetup is cheap, easy and a great opportunity to get your name out and network with attendees.

5. Share your experience

After your event, consider providing a useful summary to the audience. The summary should highlight key points and takeaways. Include your hashtags and twitter handle when posting and sharing with your followers and they will most likely share it with others.

Remember, to get more leads, you need to target more customers and draw them to your event. Networking and social media campaigns bring a good number of leads to you. Keep updating your social media skills and leverage influencers to your event.