With the request of Experiential Events on the rise, we thought we’d create 5 examples of how to create unique face to face brand experiences. 

1. Social Media Experience 

The big trends that have succeeded in the world of events include the uprising of social media and how its evolved to be a powerful tool to promote events past and present. Research conducted in 2016 that 76% of the people in the UK felt that marketing has changed much in the previous two years than in the past 50 years and is continuing to evolve each day through the mediums of social channels. This up and coming year we’ll see companies creating events through building brand mindfulness and use influencing tactics via social channels and hashtags. Industry specialist's forecasts promoting brand events in 2017 via social media channels will involve influencer marketing of searching for suitable influential proxies for a branded experience to promote to their family friends and followers. Facebook IQ Live experience event is a perfect example how they used a combination of social media and data to curate live scenes via its own social channel.

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2. Social Media Campaigns 

It is predictable that in 2017 social marketing campaigns will also concentrate on micro influencer marketing to help promote the awareness of brands. These counterparts are designed to receive less following but yield more influence a connection to a brand. Attendees of pop up events to promote campaigns will also post and share to personal networks which are not influenced by the updated algorithm designed to control large reach. However, these smaller powers cost dramatically less for their reach and provide a higher ROI on campaigns. Most marketers will be searching for tools that suit and manage these highly influential socialites. It is expected that those that attain the highest level of influencers will achieve great success in 2017. An example for running a hashtag campaign alongside a pop up event in Grand Central station New York City, Lean Cuisine ran a powerful campaign pivoting away from the usual diet campaigns with #weighthis the campaign was a huge success to empower people and influence others. The campaign received 204 million impressions. 

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3. Video & digital campaigns 

Another marketing expectation in 2017 is increased use of video in digital especially in the field of mobile advertising to connect with brands. So, if a picture is said to be worth a thousand words how much will a video worth? A great example of this is The Social Swipe – Charity Donation Billboard campaign was set up to instantly donate $2 to help people in need. The interactive billboard displayed a digital video to encourage people passing by to swipe & donate, its estimated 357 billion non-cash transactions are made each year using this new technology & video interaction.

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4. Virtual reality 

On the other hand, businesses will at last begin to appreciate the great value and possibilities that virtual and augmented reality offer or prize. People visiting virtual reality worlds will become more active participants rather than bystanders because motion capture device transfers their actual movement and gestures in real time to the created environment. Coca Cola’s Christmas UK truck tour in December created a festive family outing which included a Santa’s virtual reality sleigh ride, an excellent example of how the growing evolution of virtual meets reality in creating engaging brand events. 

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5. Interactive events & campaigns 

However, 2017 will be a challenging year for business, marketers and event managers. Growth will only occur to those organizations that operate well on all fronts in the marketing world. Campaigns integrated with software applications will continue to impress consumers and create brand awareness on another level. An impressive campaign which hit the streets of London was ‘Guinness Class’, this event included various pop up events in pubs with an interactive digital app campaign to win prizes from a pint of Guinness to a private jet experience to Dublin.

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