The events industry will be looking for a major shapeup this year. Trends are coming into place that will make people rethink the way they do their events. What shapes an event and makes it trend is the location, venue and how it is organised among many other things. Remember the event industry is always in a state of revolution, and you don’t know where it might land next. These are the trends that determine how the event industry will be like:

1. Technology

Integrating technology with your event makes it a trend, and it also makes it colourful and fun. People might not be glued to their phones all the time, but even if they are, it is going to be good for your event. They will be streaming live on their social media pages and share the fun they are having at the event. 

2. Venue

If you are hosting your event at a venue that is well known by people, it is most likely going to trend. Venues are changing their tactics every day to attract more visitors, and it is working for the event industry. We are seeing changes day in day out, and it is making events bigger and better.

3. Event apps

If you have never heard of iBeacon, then this is a high time you get it on your phone. Numerous event apps are flooding the market today. These apps help shape the events industry by tracking the most attended events and the awesome venues where these events are likely to be held at.

4. Live videos

By default, your event will trend if you are streaming it live on YouTube or Facebook. The number of people seeing how good your event is will shape how the next event will be attended. Live video is one of the best ways of promoting an event.

5. Personalisation and Customisation

Events will be customised to fit exactly what a client wants. This will make it easier for event organisers to hit the perfect mark with their events. Personalisation will also increase the connection between people and events making it fun to attend. There is nothing worse than a boring event.

6. Reliable free Wi-Fi

You might think that these people will keep their eyes and minds on their phones all the time, but this will work to your advantage. People will have easy time to share what is happening at your event with their friends making it trend.

7. Branding

This might go to the personalization level more but it is also a trend for events, and the event industry is taking advantage of this. If an event is meant for a couple, branding is done to suit the couples and personalize the event to higher levels.

8. Virtual and Augmented Reality

If your event has virtual reality headsets, it will change the way people interact at events. It makes the event more fun, and many people will choose to attend and get involved in the fun. Think of your event as an immersive one and see the number of people who will turn up at the event.

9. Location

Nothing beats an event that is at a good location. It doesn’t matter who your event organizer is but you can be assured of getting it right if you have a good location for your event.

10. Catering

A great trend for 2017 catering is to be more conscious on healthy options, however it’s important to get this right. Attendees will be talking and sharing feedback on all the catering services they had and if the services were good, the better it is for your event but if the services were bad, that means they will share negative information about your events, and nobody will be motivated to attend them again. After all, everyone loves food!