Welcome to our first edition of In2Eevnts Spotlight Blog, each week we’ll introduce to you one of our team members asking them first hand why working for an agency like In2Events set us apart against any ordinary agency.


This week we have our very own Brand Communications Manager, Richard Harper under the spotlight.

Richard Harper - Brand Communications Manager

Richard has worked at In2Events for over 3 and half years, he briefly left the agency to start a new role else where. However, Richard missed the team and working with In2Events he’s now back where he belongs making a difference every day with his communication expertise.

We provided six questions for you to get to know Richard:

What’s your key role for In2Events?

I work on all marketing related activity for both In2Events and our clients. My role is quite varied, ranging from creative conceptualization and design through to strategy making sure In2Events is positioned correctly in the industry. I also work closely with the event team on clients projects consulting on ways to best maximize their events and exhibitions activity.

Why do you think In2Events stand out from any other event agency?

We have the ability to offer our clients a full service. We can offer the usual event and project management service like most agencies, but unlike other agencies we are also able to offer a full build and production service. Based from our head offices we have a 30,000 sq ft facility which houses our creative team, design, events team as well as build and print. It’s a great draw for our clients knowing that we can service all their event needs without the need to outsource to multiple agencies.

How does your role create the difference from an ordinary agency?

As an agency, we are able to offer the full view of our clients activities in the broader marketing mix. We don’t just look at the event itself, we also review all pre and post activity and use our expertise to ensure our clients are maximizing their live activity.

Describe working for In2Events in 5 words:

1.    Challenging

2.    Fun

3.    Interesting

4.    Never Hungry

5.    Rewarding

What’s your outside work hobbies & interests?

Outside of being a Dad to my three kids, I am a bit of a fitness nut; running, cycling, swimming, pretty much anything. I regularly take part in marathons, triathlons etc. I am also the bass player in a covers band, playing at various pubs and venues around the local area.

If you could be an animal – what you be and why?

A dolphin – they get to swim around the sea all day long and never seem to be unhappy. Every day is awesome when you are a dolphin!